Whether barcode, RFID, magnetic strip or another identification method, Shop2win can integrate virtually every option into the system. For cost and security reasons, currently Shop2win works mainly with the following media:


Barcode cards (plastic)

Barcode cards (cardboard)

RFID card (plastic)


13.56 MHz technology for ISO 14443 and 15693. Shop2win has its own reader with an optimised aerial for these RFID units. As a result, optimised reading is assured without exceeding the statutory voltage limits.

With the identification technology in the background system, Shop2win meets a very high security standard. No data are stored on the card; instead, only the counterfeit-proof, factory-integrated numbers are used for identification.

Transponders – an overview:  

Transponder ISO 14443 (13,56 MHz)

Transponder ISO 15693 (13,56 MHz)

> Key fobs, plastic
> Key fobs, leather
> Tags

> Key fobs, plastic
> Key fobs, leather
> Tags








The RFID tags can be integrated in a variety of forms:
wristbands, key fobs (plastic or leather), watches, stickers, plastic cards or simply heat-sealed in a special plastic.

Shop2win provides attractive and cost-effective solutions for your access media