In order to enhance the attractiveness of a holiday region, we offer an all-inclusive package that makes it possible to bundle together the various amenities (mountain railways, toll roads, buses, museums, swimming pools and much more) and offer them to visitors as one package.

> Prepaid services
> Visitor cards
> Season cards
> Restrictions (by time or type of service)

Thanks to our data transmission service, virtually all possible combinations can be offered.

Simple installation (plug & play), simple operation, servicing and maintenance by the holiday region are only some of the benefits. Maintenance is simplicity itself (e.g. adding acceptance points, replacing devices etc).

Access media:
> Barcode (plastic or cardboard card)
> RFID (compatible with all current 13.56 MHz formats)
> All possible tags can be integrated (card, key fob, sticker)

The open system allows interfaces to all current registration form suppliers.

> Real-time online card verification (new cards are valid immediately)
> Always up-to-date (acceptance points, tourism associations, hirers)
> Controlling external devices is possible (turnstiles etc)
> Clearing all the way to invoice preparation

Shop2win – your partner in ensuring your visitors’ satisfaction – a genuine competitive advantage in the tourism industry